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25th April 2017 

J Leaman Personal training and physical therapy

let exercise be your medicine and medicine be your life

John has spent over 25 years in the field of sports nutrition and personal training and rehabilitation

His structured approach both to personal training and rehabilitation is fun imaginative and engaging while being affective

John can both push you while maintaining fun and making you feel great about your self and rehabilitating long standing problems

John is both passionate about health and fitness but results driven to help you achieve your goals and dreams

His expertise includes

. Qualified personal trainer

. Qualified clinical trainer (rehabilitative)

. Martial arts instructor

. Sports specific trainer

. Olympic weights coach

. Fitness and nutrition advisor

. Physiotherapist

. Remedial and therapeutic massage therapist

.Naturopath and Herbalist

.Sports nutrition

. Pilate’s trainer

.Yoga trainer and much more

Johns aim is to use a varied approach to build health and fitness both as a personal trainer and small bespoke classes and to develop a healthy life style on the following pages you will read more about my methods and concepts and feel free to email me for any further questions

John Leaman’s training and healing philosophy

I believe that all people have the ability to improve and adjust to what life throws at them and live a healthy life style.

I draw on a vast range of areas and believe personal training is far more than physical development alone.

It’s the ability to make an individual feel positive about themselves and this is also true of therapy as both the trainer and therapist are just a medium of change in the individual this doesn’t have to be a complex situation but just a simple and basic adjustment to our life style

I strongly advocate not smoking and moderate drinking of alcohol and eating healthy and moderating the consumption of processed food.

This does not have to be complex but simply scratch cooking and limiting are consumption of red meat and eating plenty of vegetables and fruit

In my training routines a fully believe in cross training and believe in the mix of weight training and Pilates and yoga this can also be done in conjunction with massage therapy on an individual basis.

Join the army of people I have helped

We should also drink plenty of fresh water and dilute fruit juice as it’s to acid in its natural concentrated state and can upset digestion.

Basically eating everything in moderation would be a good starting point.

I also believe building the body up should also involve building the constitution at the same time as health is more than just large muscles it’s about mental health and self-image.

Stress is a big issue today in modern society and takes many forms from many directions work, family life, ambition and dealing with stress and recognising its symptoms can help us develop coping strategies. This can be by teaching relaxation exercises or meditation etc.

massage and manipulative therapy helps in correction of tight muscles and restricted joints and can help digestion and healing and a vital part of my system

Below are the steps to your personal improvement plan

Step1 The consultation

Understanding your life style and body mechanics is the first step in achieving your goals

During your consultation we will carry out a fitness test to ascertain your currant fitness level and areas of improvement and also look at your life style.

This will include strength tests and flexibility, diet, balance etc. Life style is key to making the changes you desire and improving your health

Step 2 the program

Now we have determined your current fitness and goals we can now design a program to achieve this. All the exercises and lifestyle changes will be taught to you and I will provide motivation and encouragement every step of the way

Step 3 the results

Diet and nutrition is a vital role in achieving your results and I teach nutrition based around your life style and based on basic and sound theories tested over time

With the correct exercises and nutritional program you can achieve your goals in the shortest time possible

With the right exercise and nutritional program your personal trainer will keep your motivated to achieving results in the shortest time possible.

Do you suffer back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain etc.

How can john help you?
After a therapeutic massage session and the rehabilitation process is started I incorporate exercise sessions based around proved exercises and bio mechanics and proven athletic performance enhancement